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Finding the Best Tomato Slicer is not always an easy task. The characteristics of a tomato slicer should be considered carefully when purchasing one. There is a wide range of options available, from sizes, designs, materials, to flexible designs and cutting processes. Which is preferred is up to individual preference. In addition to making slicing tasks faster and easier, buying the best tomatoes slicer will provide you with more safety compared to a regular knife.


What qualities to look out for before buying the best tomato slicer?

The following factors should be considered before purchasing a tomato slicer: price, performance, features, flexibility, etc. Here are some of the key features and factors to consider.  

  • Durability: Consideration should be given to durability. It is easy for tomato slicers to escape your grasp because of their small size. Thus, a tomato slicer should be designed with sturdy construction and should have properly attached blades.
  • Sharp Blades: The vegetable cutter’s blades must be sharp enough so that they can easily cut through the tomato due to its specificity.
  • Easy to operate: When cutting tomatoes, an ideal tomato slicer should be very efficient and effective. Setup and operation should be straightforward as well. Look for a simple and easy-to-operate model.

Best Tomato Slicer Reviews 2021

The following tomato slicer has been carefully reviewed after we examined almost all the options on the market.  After careful consideration, we selected these products based on their performance, durability, ease of use, and safety attributes.  

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Adjustable Tomato Slicer with Mandoline Slicers can be used for several food preparation purposes. This vegetable cutter comes with 3 blades, 3 settings for standard slicing, and 3 settings for julienne with easy thumb control. The vegetable cutter is dishwasher safe on the top shelf and comes with an extra cleaning brush to make cleaning easy. In our opinion, this is the best vegetable cutter for slicing tomatoes, it is very compact and takes up a minimum of space.

  • The cutting blades are of stainless steel and super sharp
  • The product is approved on the standards of the FDA and LFGB
  • A finger guard and protective gloves are provided with the model
  • This kitchen gadget is easy to store and dishwasher safe.
  • Severely soft vegetables may not cut as needed

Messermeister Handcrafted Serrated Tomato Knife with Matching Sheath, Red

best tomato slicer
The Messermeister 4.5 “serrated tomato knife is one of our most popular specialty knives!
best tomato slicer

Messermeister handmade serrated tomato knife in matching sheath, red, 4.5 inches. Made from high carbon stainless steel 100% Messermeister quality. Produced in Portugal. This knife easily and accurately cuts products with a hard surface and a softer center, such as tomatoes or salami. The ergonomic handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, and the razor-thin blades are cut with precision.

  • It is durable and will last long
  • It is easy to use and occupies less storage space
  • We did not find any cons. If you have options, let us know

Comfecto Multiuse – Best Tomato Slicer Holder with Firm Grip

Even experienced chefs can have trouble slicing tomatoes into the same size. This versatile vegetable cutter is the perfect solution for those in the kitchen! Our 13 dividers will help you select the right parts of the tomato and get smooth slices. Just place the tomato between the jaws and cut through the dividers with a sharp knife! 13 dividers will help you select the right parts of the tomato and get smooth slices.

The machine will not bend to one side and the base will not slip. The jaws squeeze and hold the tomato, but do not crush it. Tomato slicing machine made of durable and safe non-toxic ABS plastic. Suitable for slicing cucumber, lemon, and onion.

  • Make with toxic-free ABS material
  • It comes with a user guide that provides detailed instructions of usage.
  • No additional cutting blades are provided
  • Not very flexible in use, can only be used to slice selected items

Joie Red 2 Piece, Best Tomato Slicer 

No more uneven knife cuts or tedious food preparation time. Easily make salads, sandwiches, frittatas, antipasto, garnishes, and other favorites in just seconds. Compact for easy storage and easy to use. Simply squeeze the spring-loaded base open, insert a tomato, and slice between the openings

The appliance is suitable for slicing potatoes and onions of the same size, as well as flowering onions. Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel and ABS plastic, the Joie Tomato Slices and Knife Set is durable, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe on the top shelf for easy cleaning. Joie by MSC International brings creativity to cooking and entertainment with an original design approach to unique kitchen gadgets and colorful kitchen utensils – all highly functional kitchen items with the right style.

  • The plastic used in the slicer is BPA free
  • The thickness is fixed, you cannot vary the thickness of the slices

Rapid Slicer Best Tomatoes Slicer

best tomato slicer

Non-slip holder for easy slicing of any small round fruits and vegetables. Non-slip feet hold it securely in place, and the top handle protects your hand from the knife blade.

Unlike most slicers designed for just one type of food, such as tomatoes, the Rapid Slicer is ideal for slicing bread, bagels,
meat, for example, chicken breast, thin, even cutlets, shrimp. Use as a press to drain frozen spinach or shredded vegetables. Thanks to the lid, you get the perfect dough pan for hand pie or empanada!

Can be washed in the dishwasher. Made from BPA-free food-grade material that is cut, chipped, and scratch-resistant.

  • Available with a safety lid that protests hand from the knife
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Cuts small fruits and vegetables

Best Tomato slicer (Brand: Xunda)

best tomato slicer

This Tomato slicer made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, nonporous material will not absorb the fruit and vegetable odors. Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe.

It has a set of 8 cutting slots or ridges which give slices of equal thickness. It provides the user a firm grip on the handle and a hook is attached on the top to store it effectively. The user has to place the fruit in the grip of the slicer and cut the slices using a sharp knife.

  • Made with stainless steel which makes it long-lasting
  • It has a hook attached at the top of the handle to hang it
  • The knife is not included

 New Star Foodservice 39696 Best Commercial Tomato Slicer

best tomato slicer

Industrial machine for slicing tomatoes. Rugged aluminum construction provides structural stability and prevents skewing problems. Razor-sharp stainless steel blades ensure stable, clean, and consistent cuts. The design includes vertical and horizontal handles for the correct cutting arm and an integrated chopping board.

The product has handles at both vertical and horizontal ends to provide extra stability to the slicer while in use. The frame of the slicer is made up of aluminum to make it durable. There is also a chopping board attached to the slicer.

  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Has vertical and horizontal handles for stability
  • Can take up a lot of space

 Food Slicer Holder – Best Tomatoes Slicer

best tomato slicer

The versatile kitchen gadget allows you to cut uniform slices. It features 10 ultra-sharp hardened stainless steel teeth.
The gadget is durable and beautiful, has a thick plastic non-slip handle that makes it more comfortable to hold.

Ideal for quick cooking of vegetables or fruits such as apples, onions, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, sweet potatoes, courgettes, and more. Ideal even for long and wide vegetables. Its sharp tips can easily be inserted into any kind of hard vegetable or meat (beef or fish) and it is better than buying a meat slicer for home use. It can help you to create uniform slices without any extra effort.

  • Multipurpose use
  • Attractive and durable
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • There are none for a manual slicer

Professional Tomato Slicer 3/16 “Heavy Duty Tomato Cutter

best tomato slicer

Professional Tomato Slicer Machine with High Quality All-Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Sharp Blade. The Heavy Duty Tomato Slicer produces uniform slices with a thickness of 4.7 mm. The four rubber feet prevent the work surface from slipping and are equipped with a fixed buckle on the tabletop, which allows you to quickly, effortlessly, and safely cut the tomato. This tomato slicer machine with versatile functions. It is suitable for use in a restaurant or as a tomato slicer for professional cooking.

  • Nice price compared to other brands
  • Die-cast aluminum and steel construction
  • Stainless steel blades with sharp blades
  • Recessed pull-out panel made of polyethylene
  • Quite bulky product compared to analogues
  • For some, it may seem difficult technical and confusing when working with it

Norpro Tomato and Soft Cheese Slicer


best tomato slicer

Norpro Tomato and Soft Cheese Slicer – equipped with 8 razor-sharp stainless steel blades, built-in dish for collecting tomato juice and seeds. This slicer is the ideal kitchen equipment for evenly slicing fruits, vegetables, tender cheese and boiled eggs. The product includes soft and comfortable handles for comfortable use and has non-slip feet for stability. The slicer is made of durable plastic with stainless steel blades.

  • Multipurpose Use
  • It has 8 sharp blades
  • Anti-skid and Comfortable handle
  • Didn’t find


We hope that our article will interest you. We have compiled a rating of different tomato slicing machines. We hope this article will be helpful for you when deciding which device you need personally. The list includes products that have passed rigorous testing.

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